Seca 216 Measuring Rod

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The Seca 216 Measuring Rod is a wall-mounted height-measure with a cleverly designed scale that gives it a measuring range of 3.5 - 230cm. This makes it suitable for measuring both children and adults. Despite its large range, the rod itself is relatively compact at only 1.5m tall. The scale is printed on a seperate strip which slides into the rod, and shows an adult height-range alongside a child height-range. The user simply reads off their measurement from the appropriate range.

  • Results are displayed in an easy to read window
  • Locking head piece means results can be held and read after the user has stepped away
  • Double-sided measuring scale, simply remove and reverse the strip to switch between metric and imperial

The Seca 216 Measuring Rod has dimensions of 120 x 1500 x 217mm and the scale is graduated in millimeters and 1/16".