Seca 203 Circumference Measuring Band

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The Seca 203 Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Band is a medical tape measure designed to be very comfortable to hold and to use. It features an integrated waist/hip ratio (WHR) calculator - simply turn the dial to line up the waist measurement with the hip measurement and the WHR is displayed in the window on the top. Waist/Hip ratio is a widely recognised method for infering the amount and distribution of body fat.

  • High quality mechanics means the tape unwinds and retracts easily and smoothly
  • Tape locks in place precisely for easy and accurate readings
  • The housing is tough and the WHR calculator scale is made of metal for great durability

The Seca 203 Measuring Band has a measuring range of 0-205cm and the tape is graduated in millimeters.

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    Seca 203 Tape Measure

    Posted by John on 2nd Oct 2019

    This works really well for consistent measurement but the actual measurement is out by about 5mm so is no good if you use multiple tapes or devices to compare.