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Seca 203 Circumference Measuring Band

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£6.50 (Ex. VAT)
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Seca 203 Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Band


The Seca 203 Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Band is a medical tape measure designed to be very comfortable to hold and to use. It features an integrated waist/hip ratio (WHR) calculator - simply turn the dial to line up the waist measurement with the hip measurement and the WHR is displayed in the window on the top. Waist/Hip ratio is a widely recognised method for infering the amount and distribution of body fat.

  • High quality mechanics means the tape unwinds and retracts easily and smoothly
  • Tape locks in place precisely for easy and accurate readings
  • The housing is tough and the WHR calculator scale is made of metal for great durability

The Seca 203 Measuring Band has a measuring range of 0-205cm and the tape is graduated in millimeters.

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