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Frequently Asked Questions



Delivery Questions

Q: Will you send out orders during the Christmas / New Year period?

A: No. This website will continue to accept orders, and the goods will be sent out starting January 2nd. Please see the Delivery & Returns page for full information.


Q: When will you dispatch my order?

A: We work Monday to Friday and dispatch almost all orders within one working day. We do not make any dispatches during the weekend or on bank holidays. If we anticipate any significant delay in dispatching your order, we will contact you.


Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: This depends on the delivery option you choose. If you are ordering for delivery to a UK address, an estimated delivery time will be quoted to you at checkout. All delivery estimates are a fair reflection of our past performance, but do not represent a guarantee of service. We do not offer delivery time estimates for orders sent outside the United Kingdom. For more information, see Delivery & Returns.


Q: Do you offer next-day or express delivery?

A: Yes, for mainland UK addresses. You can select it during the checkout process.


Q: Will I get tracking information?

A: For UK addresses, if you select express delivery at checkout you will always be supplied with tracking information wherever possible. If you select standard or free delivery, your order may be sent by an untracked service, (typically Royal Mail 48), but if your order is physically large or expensive we may use a tracked service at our discretion.


Personal Information Questions

Q: What will you do with my personal information?

A: Use it to deliver the goods and to communicate with you about your order. That’s all. We don’t supply your information to any third parties other than the delivery company. The delivery company might contact you by email or phone, to provide tracking information or to confirm delivery details.


Q: Do you keep any of my card information?

A: No. Not even temporarily. The info goes directly to the payment providers concerned via an encrypted connection. It does not stay on, or even pass through, our own systems at any point.


Q: What kind of email will you send me?

A: Unless you explicitly sign up for our email newsletter, the only emails we would normally send you are as follows:

  • Emails directly related to your order
  • Emails directly related to your customer account, if you choose to create one
  • Reminder emails: if you place items in your basket, but leave the site without completing checkout, you may receive two or three emails reminding you to complete the purchase. You can ignore these if you’ve decided you don’t want the items.


Q: Will you send me marketing emails?

A: Not unless you sign up to our email list. It would be a waste of our time to send marketing emails to people who don’t want them. Our list has a double opt-in system – you must explicitly say ‘yes’ twice to end up on it. If you receive our marketing emails it is because you knowingly signed up for them. Yes you did. In any case, we use marketing emails very sparingly – usually less than once a month.


Q: Will I receive telemarketing calls from you?

A. No. Seriously... we've got better things to do.


Website Questions

Q: Does this site put cookies on my computer?

A: Definitely. If we did not do this, the site could not function as an online shop. For instance, without cookies the site could not ‘remember’ what products you place in your basket and by the time you got to checkout they would all have disappeared. If you’re not happy with this, you’ll need to leave this site immediately, clear all your Internet data and never come back. Alternatively, you could set aside your tinfoil hat, stop worrying and just buy what you came for.


Q: What cookies does this site store on my computer?

A: A number. The main ones come from:

  • Physical-Sports.co.uk – cookies from our own domain that are critical to the basic functions of the site and for collecting usage data
  • Bigcommerce.com – BigCommerce provides our online shop software, these cookies are critical to the basic functions of the site and for collecting usage data
  • Google Analytics – we use Google Analytics to understand how people use this site, and this may store cookie data on your computer
  • Google Adwords – we advertise online with Google Adwords. If you click through one of our adverts, Google will put a tracking cookie on your computer so we can see if our advertising is effective
  • Justuno.com – JustUno is a service we use to offer coupon codes and special discounts to customers on our site, and it may place cookies on your computer


Q: Will this site work with javascript disabled?

A: Well… it won’t work properly.


Q: Which browsers does this site support?

A: The physical-sports.co.uk site should perform acceptably in up-to-date versions of Edge, Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari (unless you’ve installed any confounding add-ons / extensions etc…) It may not work properly in Opera, because nothing works properly in Opera.


Payment Questions

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and PayPal.


Q: My card was declined

A: Sometimes, there genuinely is a problem with the card account and you may need to talk to your bank. On the other hand, it may just be our payment gateway or your bank suffering a temporary technical fart. In the first instance, try entering the info again and pay close attention to make sure it is accurate. Alternatively, try checking out with PayPal instead. If all else fails, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.


Q: Does this website use 3D Secure / Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code etc…

A: Yes. Sorry about that. We know it adds ‘friction’ to your checkout experience, but we use it because:

  1. It provides a little extra security for your payment card
  2. It protects us from some fraudulent transactions, which reduces our costs and allows us to keep our prices lower
  3. It allows us to accept Maestro cards, where 3D Secure is compulsory

Rest assured that as soon as a better payment validation technology becomes available to us, we will get rid of 3D Secure. Don’t worry if your card is not enrolled in the scheme yet, you will still be able to check out. Please note that the 3D Secure form appears *after* you click the ‘Pay for Order’ button, so you need to wait for that or your order won’t go through.


VAT Questions

Q: Why have you charged VAT on these medical devices?

A: Unless you qualify for VAT relief due to your circumstances medical devices attract VAT at the standard rate except when they are supplied as an integral part of a medical service. We are supplying goods only and therefore VAT is charged at 20%.


Q: Why have you charged me VAT on the postage?

A: Distance sales are considered a ‘single supply of delivered goods’ regardless of whether the postage is itemised separately. Therefore, any postage component on the invoice must attract VAT at the same rate as the goods.


Q: I'm ordering charity-funded equipment, can I claim VAT relief on my order?

A: Provided your order qualifies under the terms of the relevant VAT notice, we are happy to deal with VAT relief transactions. You’ll need to contact us directly to organise this. Please don’t order through the website as you will be charged VAT.


Q: I am disabled, will you charge me VAT?

A: Yes. Medical equipment sold to disabled people is eligible for VAT relief only if it is ‘designed solely for the relief of a severe abnormality or a severe injury’ or is ‘designed solely for use by a disabled person’. Because most of our product range consists of simple first aid equipment, it is unlikely that anything you buy here would be eligible under these rules.


Q: I’m ordering for a VAT-registered business in another EU country and would like to use the reverse charge procedure.

A: Fine. Just contact us with your VAT number and we’ll sort it out with you directly. If you order through the website you will be charged UK VAT as we have no way of validating EU VAT numbers automatically.


International Order Questions

Q: Can I place an order for delivery outside the EU?

A: That depends what you want and where you want us to send it. Contact us with the details and we’ll let you know. We do not accept non-EU orders through the website.


Q: Do you deliver to the United States?

A: No.


Contact Questions

Q: How can I contact you?

A: All our contact information can be found here: https://www.physical-sports.co.uk/contact-us/


Q: I supply SEO services / PPC management / payment gateways / merchant accounts / copywriting / marketing / web design / invoice factoring / Etc… Who should I talk to at Physical Sports Limited?

A: Nobody. Go away.


Q: What’s your fax number?

A: We do not have a fax for the same reason that we do not have a mangle, a gramophone or gaslights – it’s the 21st Century.


Q: Can I email you a document such as a purchase order or a new supplier form?

A: All emails with unsolicited attachments are deleted immediately, unopened and unread. Therefore, unless we already have a trading relationship with you please talk to us before sending any files.