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Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod

£74.94 (Inc. VAT)
£62.45 (Ex. VAT)
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Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod for Column Scales


The Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod is an add-on for Seca colum scales. It attaches to the column and extends to provide a very useful height measure, allowing weighing and measuring to take place at once. It can be retracted when not in use.  The measurement is displayed at the user's eye-level, making it very easy to read. This measuring rod does not need to be ordered with the scales, it can be fitted later at any time.

The Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod has a measuring range of 60 - 200cm and its dimensions are 55 x 1480 x 286mm. The measuring scale is graduated in millimeters for precise measurement.

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