Physical Zinc Oxide Tape

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Physical Zinc Oxide Tape is a good-quality, plain white strapping tape suitable for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries and for medical or physiotherapy use.

  • Non-Stretch tape provides firm or rigid support for joints
  • Strong, durable fabric backed with a powerful adhesive for reliable hold
  • Serrated edge allows easy hand-tearing
  • 10 metre roll, available in 4 different widths
  • Manufactured without latex

Among other things, Physical zinc oxide tape can also be used as a climbing tape, a hand wrap tape or to protect blisters and calluses from rubbing.

How to Use

Physical Zinc Oxide Tape is a non-stretch tape intended for firm sports strapping and splinting. For best stick, always apply to clean, dry skin. Ensure the skin is free from sweat, dirt, oils, lotions, moisturizers etc... before use. Body hair can prevent the adhesive on this tape from grabbing properly, so you may wish to shave or trim the area. Zinc oxide tape can be cut with scissors, or torn by hand by tearing from one edge with a sharp ripping motion.

This strapping tape is strong and rigid, so do not apply it too tightly or you may restrict circulation. Remove the tape immediately if you notice any discolouration or swelling. Physical Zinc Oxide Tape does not contain latex, but skin reactions are still possible (though uncommon.) If you have sensitive skin, or plan to use the tape regularly, you may wish to consider applying it over a layer of foam underwrap or hypoallergenic fixing tape. It is also possible to damage or irritate the skin by using excessive force during tape removal. Instead, try soaking it off with warm, soapy water (e.g. in the bath or shower.)

A range of specific taping techniques are described on our blog, but please don't use them as a substitute for professional medical advice!

Size Guide

1.25cm Fingers, hands and toes. Very useful in climbing, boxing and martial arts.
2.5cm Buddy taping, hands, wrists, general fixation, covering small calluses and blisters. A widely used utility tape in all sports.
3.8cm Larger calluses and blisters, wrists, knees, shoulders, ankles. Perfect for wrists guards (e.g. in rugby, weightlifting and gymnastics). A great 'all-rounder' for general sports taping.
5cm A more specialist size. Useful for bigger jobs (e.g. some shoulder taping techniques) or bigger people. (Thus very frequently purchased by rugby clubs!)