Neo G Calf and Shin Splint Support

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The Neo G Calf and Shin Splint Support offers support and compression to the lower leg in order to relieve the pain associated with shins splints and treat soft tissue injuries such as calf strains.  It is suitable for use during sport and exercise to protect the tissues of the lower leg, particularly if you are prone to shin splints.

  • Offers full-length support to the entire calf and shin
  • Three-point strapping system allows compression to be adjusted to suit the user
  • Neoprene retains heat against the lower leg to soothe pain and ease stiffness
  • Fits up to a 46cm calf circumference, can be worn on either leg

This calf and shin splint support is a registered class 1 medical device and contains neoprene, nylon, elastane, polyurethane, polyester and polypropylene. Hand washable.