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Neo G Ankle Support

£17.46 (Inc. VAT)
£14.55 (Ex. VAT)
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Neo G Ankle Support | Physical Sports First Aid


The Neo G Ankle Support is a soft and comfortable ankle brace suitable for the treatment of light sprains, strains and instabilities. This ankle support can be worn inside footwear and can help to protect weak or injured ankles during sport or other physical activity.

  • Two point strapping system allows user to vary the fit and level of compression
  • Neoprene retains body heat on the ankle to improve flexibility and soothe pain
  • One size fits most adults, can be worn on either ankle

This ankle support is a class 1 medical device. Contains neoprene, nylon, elastane, polyurethane, polyester and polypropylene. Can be washed by hand.

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