Mueller 330 Calf & Shin Splint Support

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The Mueller Calf & Shin Splint Support provides firm compression to the lower leg in order to relieve the pain and discomfort of shin splints and medial tibial stress syndrome.  Because it wraps around the whole lower leg, this support will also offer warmth and compression to soothe sore calf muscles.  As a wrap-style support it is very easy to put on and remove, and allows the user to vary the level of compression.

  • Three adjustable straps for controlled compression and fit
  • Fully trimmed and seamed edges to reduce irritation and 'digging in'
  • Soft and lightweight for comfortable, all-day wear

Constructed from washable neoprene.  Available in two sizes, based on mid-calf circumference.  Standard: 20cm - 40cm.  Large: 27cm - 50cm.

Note - this support wrap is effective against ongoing shin pain, but acute flare-ups of shin splints should first be treated with cold for at least the first two days.