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Actimove TaloCast Ankle Brace

£34.06 (Inc. VAT)
£28.38 (Ex. VAT)
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Actimove TaloCast Ankle Brace


The BSN Actimove TaloCast is an ankle brace with a rigid shell designed for the treatment of severe sprains or to support rehabilitation from ankle surgery or malleolar fractures. It will fully stabilise the ankle and prevent any inversion or eversion (eg rolling over on the side of the foot.)

  • Shell is lightweight but strong to provide very stable support
  • Anatomically-shaped to reduce the risk of pressure or rubbing
  • Breathable, foam liner for comfort
  • Easy-to-adjust heel pad for precise fit

The BSN Actimove TaloCast comes in a single, universal size and is available in left-foot or right-foot versions. Please select the correct version above.

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