Actimove TaloCast AirGel Ankle Brace

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The BSN Actimove TaloCast AirGel is a rigid ankle brace designed for the support of severe ankle sprains (e.g. capsular ligament injury) and strains. It is also suitable for chronic ankle instability, post-cast support and the relief of oedema and swelling at the ankle. Like the TaloCast Air, this brace has integrated air cushions with a valve for control of the air level. In addition, the TaloCast AirGel comes with cooling gel pads that can be chilled in the freezer and fitted inside the brace to provide soothing cold therapy directly to the injury.

  • Stablises the ankle and prevents inversion and eversion (e.g. rolling over on the ankle)
  • Very strong, semi-rigid outer shell
  • Anatomically shaped for comfort and will fit inside most footwear
  • Easy-to-adjust heel pad for precise fit

The BSN Actimove TaloCast AirGel is available in two sizes depending on the user's height. Please select correct size and foot above.

Small: users under 162cm (5'4") tall
Standard: users over 162cm (5'4") tall