Actimove TaloCast Air Ankle Brace

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Actimove TaloCast Air Ankle Brace


The BSN Actimove TaloCast Air is an ankle brace with a rigid shell designed to support severe sprains (e.g. capsular ligament injury) and strains to the ankle. It is also suitable for the treatment of chronic ankle instabilities and for post-cast support. The Actimove TaloCast Air features integrated air cells which create extra compression and offer a massage effect during movement, helping to reduce swelling and pain. A built-in valve allows you to regulate the air-level to suit your needs.

  • Stablises the ankle and prevents inversion and eversion (e.g. rolling over on the ankle)
  • Additional foam insert for extra protection and comfort
  • Comfortable, anatomically-shaped shells will fit inside most normal footwear
  • Easy-to-adjust heel pad for precise fit

The BSN Actimove TaloCast Air is available in two sizes depending on the user's height. Please select the correct size and foot above.

Small: users under 162cm (5'4") tall
Large: users over 162cm (5'4") tall

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