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Zig Zag Zinc Oxide Tape

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Zinc Oxide Tape | Group Shot | Physical Sports First Aid
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Zig Zag Zinc Oxide Tape is a good value, rigid sports tape with a multitude of uses in sport, boxing, martial arts, climbing, gymanstics and more. It is suitable for medical taping, hand taping, tape grips, protection of blisters and calluses, firm support of sport injuries and any other situation where a non-stretch cloth adhesive tape is required.

  • High tensile strength for reliable support or immobilization of joints
  • Zig zag edges make the tape easy to tear by hand
  • Latex-Free formulation reduces risk of skin reactions
  • Long, 10m rolls to suit high-volume users

Constructed from a white fabric tape with an acrylic adhesive backing, Zig Zag Zinc Oxide Tape is available in three sizes: 1.25cm x 10m, 2.5cm x 10m, 3.8cm x 10m and 5cm x 10m. For a zinc oxide tape with a traditional, latex-based adhesive see Steroplast Zinc Oxide Tape.

How to Use

Zig Zag Zinc Oxide Tape is a non-stretch tape intended for firm sports strapping and splinting. For best stick, always apply to clean, dry skin. Ensure the skin is free from sweat, dirt, oils, lotions, moisturizers etc... before use. Body hair can prevent the adhesive on this tape from grabbing properly, so you may wish to shave or trim the area. Zinc oxide tape can be cut with scissors, or torn by hand by tearing from one edge with a sharp ripping motion.

This strapping tape is strong and rigid, so do not apply it too tightly or you may restrict circulation. Remove the tape immediately if you notice any discolouration or swelling. Zig Zag Zinc Oxide Tape does not contain latex, but skin reactions are still possible (though uncommon.) If you have sensitive skin, or plan to use the tape regularly, you may wish to consider applying it over a layer of foam underwrap or hypoallergenic fixing tape. It is also possible to damage or irritate the skin by using excessive force during tape removal. Instead, try soaking it off with warm, soapy water (e.g. in the bath or shower.)

A range of specific taping techniques are described on our blog, but please don't use them as a substitute for professional medical advice!

Size Guide

1.25cm Fingers, hands and toes. Very useful in climbing, boxing and martial arts.
2.5cm Buddy taping, hands, wrists, general fixation, covering small calluses and blisters. A widely used utility tape in all sports.
3.8cm Larger calluses and blisters, wrists, knees, shoulders, ankles. Perfect for wrists guards (e.g. in rugby, weightlifting and gymnastics). A great 'all-rounder' for general sports taping.
5cm A more specialist size. Useful for bigger jobs (e.g. some shoulder taping techniques) or bigger people. (Thus very frequently purchased by rugby clubs!)

Ratings & Reviews

  • 5
    Andrew Henry

    Posted by Andrew Henry on 21st Nov 2018

    Easy to rip, makes wrapping fighter’s hands much easier than the non serrated tape. Will buy again.

  • 3

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Nov 2015

    I use this tape for my hands when I row. The first batch I brought in 2014 was absolutely amazing and didn't catch on the blades or get sticky with friction when I was racing. I purchased another batch last week and the new pinking edging catches on the blades and gets sticky it appears that the quality and material has changed slightly on this product, but it still worked better than any other tape I have used in the past.

  • 5
    Hand Tape

    Posted by Boss Hog on 17th Oct 2013

    I do crossfit, and suffer from the innevitable calluses - so I get through a fair bit of hand tape. I tried out this brand just because it's not too pricey and it works great. Just as sticky and strong as any other zinc oxide tape.

  • 5
    Makes Great Climbing Tape

    Posted by Becky on 5th Aug 2013

    I got some of this zinc oxide tape to tape my hands for climbing. It is functionally identical to the so-called 'climbing tape' that sells for twice the price and does the job just as well. I'm happy with it.

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