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Response Body Fluid Disposal Kits

£24.96 (Inc. VAT)
£20.80 (Ex. VAT)
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Response Body Fluid Disposal Kits | 2 Application and 5 Application Sets | Physical Sports First Aid


Response Body Fluid Disposal Kits available in sets containing 2 kits or 5 kits. These are professional-quality, very comprehensive kits for emergency removal of body fluids such as blood, vomit and urine. The kits contain everything you need to safely remove the fluids and decontaminate the area of the spill. Supplied in a robust, bright yellow box with clear markings.

Each individual kit contains:

1 x Disinfectant Spray (50ml)
2 x Super Absorbent Powder (10g)
1 x Instructions
1 x Pair of Gloves
1 x Pair of Oversleeves
1 x Apron
1 x Plastic Scoop and Scraper
1 x Biohazard Bag
2 x Non-Woven Wipe
1 x Disinfectant Wipe

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