Critical Injury Response Kit

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Critical Injury Response Kit | Physical Sports First Aid


This critical injury response kit is aimed at lay-person first aiders with basic training who may need to respond to heavily bleeding wounds following serious accidents or violent incidents.

  • Contains a selection of sterile trauma dressings and pads for the control of blood loss
  • Supplied in a high-visibility orange bag suitable for 'grab and go' response
  • Includes wall-bracket and snap-off anti-tamper seals allowing kit to be installed in a known location

Because this kit is intended for minimally-trained civilian responders it does not contain a tourniquet as standard. If you wish to order a tourniquet separately, we recommend the SWAT-T or STAT devices because they offer the right balance of simplicity and effectiveness for this use case. Complete kit measures approx 28 x 23 x 12cm.


5 x Extra Absorbent Sterile Dressing Pads, 20 x 40cm
2 x Trauma Dressings (field dressing type), 15 x 18cm pad
2 x Ambulance Dressings No. 1
2 x Ambulance Dressings No. 2
2 x Ambulance Dressings No. 3
2 x Amublance Dressings No. 4
1 x Pack of 100 Gauze Swabs, 7.5 x 7.5cm, Non-Sterile
2 x Foil Blankets (adult-size)
1 x Tufkut Scissors
4 x Pair Vinyl Gloves
3 x Security Seals
1 x Wall Bracket
1 x First Aid in an Emergency Booklet

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