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Major Incident Response Kit

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Major Incident Response Kit | Showing Contents | Physical Sports First Aid


The major incident response kit is designed for those providing immediate first aid at the site of bomb blasts and other disasters. The kit offers a large supply of big dressings for coping with major trauma injuries - including 6 maxiflex dressings - along with an excellent range of other first aid gear. The kit is supplied with the extremely tough and practical Reliance Pursuit Pro bag in hi-vis orange. Measures approx 38cm x 26cm x 17cm.

Kit Contents:
6 x Medium First Aid Dressing
8 x Large First Aid Dressing
10 x Triangular Bandage
4 x Ambulance Dressing No 4
3 x Maxiflex Multi Absorbent Dressing 300 × 450mm
3 x Trauma Dressing
4 x Zetuvit Sterile Trauma Dressing 200 × 200mm
4 x Conforming Bandages 10cm x 4.5m
2 x Burn Dressing 10 × 10cm
2 x Burn Dressing 20 x 20cm
1 x Hydrogel 125ml
5 x Sterile Saline Eyewash Pods 20ml
6 x Pair Vinyl Gloves (non-sterile, powder-free)
6 x Eye Pad Dressings with Bandage
40 x Non Alcohol Wipe
6 x Foil Blanket
10 x Adhesive Dressing 10 × 9cm
20 x Waterproof Assorted Plasters
1 x Tufkut Scissors
1 x Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 10m

For similar contents in a slightly less expensive bag, please see our Bomb Blast First Aid Kit.

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