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EVAC-S Manual Suction Pump

£25.02 (Inc. VAT)
£20.85 (Ex. VAT)
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EVAC-S Manual Suction Pump | Physical Sports First Aid


This single use manual pump / aspirator provides suction for the removal of secretions from the throat in order to keep the airway clear.  Supplied with a pump and resevoir, one adult catheter and one paediatric catheter.  The pump and resevoir cannister are a single unit; other than catheter selection no assembly is required.

  • Swivel action head for easy use in difficult situations
  • Overflow protection valve prevents spillage from resevoir
  • Completely single use and disposable
  • Supplied in a self-seal poly bag which doubles as a clinical waste bag for disposal (biohazard sticker included)

Please note: this pump is a single unit. It cannot be opened for sterilization and therefore cannot be reused. It is intended as a single use, disposable pump for use in medical emergencies (e.g. during evacuation of an unconscious or immobilised casualty.) It is not intended as a care product for removal of excess saliva etc.


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