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Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser

£147.00 (Inc. VAT)
£122.50 (Ex. VAT)
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Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser | Physical Sports First Aid
Please allow an extra 5-10 working days for delivery of the Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser


The Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser is designed to immobilise a casualty's head and neck in order to minimise further damage in the case of head and neck injuries. The head immobiliser's base plate is positioned under the casualty's head and the head pads are attached either side using the built-in velcro pads.  A pair of straps (included) then secure the casualty's head inside the head immobiliser.

  • The Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser is compatible with most scoop stretchers and spinal boards, including the Ferno Millenia Board
  • The head immobiliser is waterproof to repel body fluids
  • The head immobiliser can be left in place during x-rays to minimise further disturbance of the injuries

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