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Ferno WIZLOC Extrication Collar

£29.94 (Inc. VAT)
£24.95 (Ex. VAT)
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Ferno Wizloc Collar | Cervical Collar | Physical Sports First Aid
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The Ferno WIZLOC Extrication Collar is a universal-size cervical collar for use on casualities with suspected neck/cervical spine injuries.  This collar offers very flexible sizing and will fit at least 90% of patients.  The self-centering mandible support and adjustable occipital support allow a custom fit at either end of the size spectrum.

  • The WIZLOC collar fits patients from 2 years old through to adults
  • Design allows fast and simple fitting regardless of patient position
  • Adjustable occipital support for very accurate sizing
  • Can be left in place during x-rays and MRIs
  • Easy to decontaminate - can be reused

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