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Neo G Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer

£29.94 (Inc. VAT)
£24.95 (Ex. VAT)
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Neo G Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer | Physical Sports First Aid


The Neo G Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer provides advanced support and immobilization for the entire arm and shoulder during recovery from injury or surgery. It is designed to afford the user maxmimum comfort.

  • Eliminates unwanted movement in the shoulder, arm and clavicle to support optimum healing
  • Stabilizes forearm against the body and reduces pressure on the shoulder complex during recovery
  • Adjustable, cushioned straps provide a precise and comfortable fit
  • Breathable and lightweight for comfort
  • One size fits most adults, can be worn on either arm

This shoulder immobilizer is a class 1 medical device and contains polyester, polyurethane and polyamide. Can be hand- washed cold.

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