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Mueller 992 Jumpers Knee Strap

£9.96 (Inc. VAT)
£8.30 (Ex. VAT)
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Mueller 992 Jumpers Knee Strap | Physical Sports First Aid


The Mueller Jumpers Knee Strap is a soft strap with a tubular insert worn just below the kneecap to provide a mild, uniform pressure to the tendons.  This helps to improve patella tracking and elevation, which can relieve the pain of tendonitis and chondromalacia as well as preventing attacks of Osgood-Schlatters disease.

  • Adjustable strap for precise fit
  • Relieves knee pain and overload from jumping, running and kicking
  • Soft and lightweight - comfortable to wear all day and during sport or physical activity

This knee strap is constructed from washable neoprene.  One size, will fit knees between 22cm and 55cm circumference.

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