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Steroplast Patella Sports Taping Kit

£12.48 (Inc. VAT)
£10.40 (Ex. VAT)
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Steroplast Patella Sports Taping Kit | Zinc Oxide Strapping and Fixing Tape | Physical Sports First Aid


This sports taping kit is designed for the treatment of patellafemoral pain (knee pain) which is a very common sports injury, particularly among runners.  It contains one roll of Sterofix dressing retention tape (5cm x 10m) and one roll of Steroplast heavy duty sports tape (3.8cm x 13.7m).  The Sterofix is very flexible to conform to the area over the knee and is applied first to create a base layer for the heavy duty sports tape which provides firm support for the knee joint.  Using both these tapes provides a stronger, more reliable and more comfortable tape job than using sports tape alone.

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