Mallet Finger Splints

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Mallet Finger Splint


As the name suggests, Mallet Finger Splints are designed to support cases of mallet finger. This condition is caused by injury to the tendon that extends the finger, preventing the final joint of finger from fully straightening out. The splint holds the distal interphalangeal joint (the final finger joint) in a neutral/extended position during rehabilitation. These splints are also suitable for protecting injuries to the end of the finger and the nailbed, for instance crush injuries caused by trapping the finger in a door. While wearing a mallet splint of the correct size, you should still be able to move the middle knuckle (proximal interphalangeal joint.)

Mallet Splints are available in 6 sizes. To find the correct size, measure around the final joint (distal) at the end of the affected finger or thumb, and then identify the size you need from the following list:

  • Size 1: 4.5cm
  • Size 2: 5cm
  • Size 3: 5.5cm
  • Size 4: 6cm
  • Size 5: 7cm
  • Size 6: 8cm

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  • 5
    Mallet finger splint

    Posted by Wiulliam Siddall on 30th Apr 2019

    An excellent product which is convenient and comfortable to wear. I bought two sizes fortunately, as the original became too tight to use after the finger became swollen.

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