Blood Spill Pack

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This Blood / Biohazard Spill Pack offers a hygienic and quick way of cleaning up blood that could otherwise pose an infection hazard.  It uses absorbent granules which will completely soak up blood spills, and the resulting gel is simply scooped into the included clinical waste bag and thrown away.  The chlorine tablets are then dissolved in water to form a powerful bleach to disinfect the area of the spill.

This kit includes everything you need to safely remove one spill while ensuring that the fluids never come into contact with your skin:

1 x Gloves
1 x Apron
1 x 100ml absorbent granules
1 x Plastic scoop
1 x Plastic scraper
4 x Chlorine-Release tablets
2 x Paper towels
1 x Disposal bag w/ tie

This is a single use kit.  Full instructions for safe use are printed on the packaging.