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Traveller's Medical Pack

£17.28 (Inc. VAT)
£14.40 (Ex. VAT)
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Traveller's Medical Pack | Inc. Needles, Sutures, Cannulas etc... | Physical Sports First Aid


This Traveller's Medical Pack contains sterile disposables such as needles, cannulas, syringes in a travel-size, red nylon pouch measuring 10 x 13 x 8cm. Carrying your own supply of needles etc. will lessen the risk of cross-infection if you require emergency medical treatment in a part of the world where sterile disposables are hard to get. This is a must-have item for travel to less developed countries and remote areas.


2 x Sterile Syringe 2ml
2 x Sterile Syringe 5ml
1 x Sterile Syringe 10ml
5 x Sterile 21g Needles
5 x Sterile 25g Needles
1 x Dental Needle
1 x Insyte Cannula
1 x Winged Cannula
4 x Disinfectant Wipe
10 x Pre-injection Swabs
1 x Mersilk Suture
2 x 4 Pack of Leukostrip Adhesive Wound Closures

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