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Acid Attack Response Kit, Police Spec

£71.76 (Inc. VAT)
£59.80 (Ex. VAT)
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Acid Attack Response Kit, Police Spec | Bag Open Showing Contents | Physical Sports First Aid


An acid attack response kit to police specifications. This kit contains protective equipment and water for irrigating the victim's skin and eyes. Supplied in a conspicuous yellow bag, custom-made to carry the water bottles securely. Measures approx 12 x 42 x 20cm.

This acid attack response kit is made to requirements police forces have specified previously. If your requirements differ please contact us for a quote on amendments or additions - we are happy to customize this kit.

6 x 500ml bottles of water
1 x sprinkler attachment
2 x chemical-resistant gauntlets, nitrile
2 x safety googles
2 x moulded face masks
2 x tuffkut scissors

Measures approx 42cm x 20cm x 14cm.

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