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Acid Attack Response Kit in Cabinet

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£66.50 (Ex. VAT)
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Acid Attack Response Kit in Wall Cabinet | Physical Sports First Aid


This acid attack response kit is supplied in a bright orange, wall-mount cabinet. In an emergency, the cabinet can be detached from its snap-in bracket and carried like a first aid box. Therefore, the kit can be permanently installed in a known location while remaining immediately available for grab and run response.

The kit includes water for sluicing chemicals from the victim's skin, protective gear (including gauntlets and googles) for the rescuer, and first aid supplies for the treatment of burns.

1 x pair chemical resistant heavy gauntlets
1 x safety googles
1 x moulded face mask
6 x bottles of water, 500ml
1 x sprinkler attachment
1 x sterile saline, 500ml
10 x eyewash pods, 20ml sterile saline
2 x burn dressings 20cm x 20cm
100 x swabs 5cm x 5cm
3 x foil blanket (adult-size)
1 x tuffkut scissors
6 x pair vinyl gloves
1 x pack litmus test strips

The cabinet measures approximately 40 x 26 x 13cm. A similar acid attack response kit is also available in a carry bag.

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