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Levotape Kinesiology Tape

£6.24 (Inc. VAT)
£5.20 (Ex. VAT)
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Levotape Kinesiology Tape | Full Colour Range | Physical Sports First Aid
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Levotape Kinesiology Tape is a trusted brand of kinesiology tape aimed at physiotherapists and elite sportspeople.

  • High stretch for total freedom of movement
  • Acrylic adhesive provides good hold and minimizes skin irritation
  • Adhesive in wave-patterned strips to allow lateral stretch and breathability
  • Long life: one application of Levotape kinesiology tape can last for a week

Levotape is constructed from a stretch cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive backing. Supplied in uncut rolls of 5cm x 5m. This tape is also available in discounted cases of 6 rolls.

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