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Eyewash / Wound Wash (500ml)

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Eyewash 500ml | Sterile Saline Solution | Physical Sports First Aid


Sterowash Sterile Saline Solution is an emergency irrigation solution for use as an eyewash or wound wash.  This eyewash is a sterile 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution in purfied water.  Pour the eyewash into the eye to wash out chemical splashes and foreign objects, or pour over wounds to wash out debris such grass, grit and dirt.  This eyewash can also be used to rinse chemical splashes from the skin.

  • Eyewash solution is sterile and contains only Sodium Chloride and pure water
  • Usually supplied with a shelf life of  2-3 years

This Sterowash eyewash is supplied in a bottle of 500ml.  Sterile unless opened or damaged.  For eyewash in pods with a directable jet see Eyewash Pods (20ml).

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