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Easiplaster | A Plaster Alternative | Physical Sports First AId


Easiplaster is a new concept in wound dressing.  It is a lightweight and flexible tape made of an absorbent foam which will stick to itself but will not adhere to any other surface.  Simply tear a length of Easiplaster off the roll and wrap it over the wound.  A single wrap will protect minor cuts, and extra layers can added to control heavy bleeding.  Great for use on arms, legs and fingers and an ideal alternative to traditional plasters.

  • Adhesive-Free: will not stick to hair or wounds, or irritate sensitive skin
  • Easily absorbs blood while providing barrier protection to the wound
  • Tears by hand: no equipment required, can be used in seconds
  • Washproof

Easiplaster is supplied in individually-boxed rolls of 6cm x 5m.

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