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MD300 Finger Pulse Oximeter

£59.88 (Inc. VAT)
£49.90 (Ex. VAT)
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MD300 Finger Pulse Oximeter | Physical Sports First Aid


The MD300 Finger Pulse Oximeter is compact and portable fingertip pulse oximeter widely used in medical settings because of its trusted technology and relatively low price.  This pulse oximeter is very quick and simple to use, with single button operation and a clear, dual colour display.

  • MD300 Finger Pulse Oximeter displays real-time SpO2, pulse rate, pulse bar and pleth waveform
  • Display rotation and adjustable brightness for easy reading
  • Energy efficient - one set of batteries lasts 30+ hours

Package includes one MD300 Finger Pulse Oximeter plus the following free accessories:

Carry pouch with belt loop
Neck strap
Protective silicone sleeve
Batteries (2 x AAA)

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