Trulife Classic Wrist Support

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The Trulife Classic Wrist Support is designed to hold the wrist at a 30° angle which is considered the optimum position for the proper healing of various wrist injuries. A full length rigid insert extends along the underside of the arm and the base of the palm, effectively immobilising the wrist while maintaining use of the fingers and thumb. This brace is often recommended as as a 'resting' splint for injuries such as wrist sprains and strains, and also during post-cast recovery or to treat arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

These braces are available in right-hand and left-hand versions. Please ensure you select the correct handedness above.

Size guide (measure circumference of wrist at smallest point):

XS: under 14cm
S: 14cm-16cm
M: 16cm-19cm
L: 19cm-22cm
XL: over 22cm