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Teyder Sport One Wrist Brace with Hot & Cold Pad

£11.88 (Inc. VAT)
£9.90 (Ex. VAT)
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Teyder Sport One Wrist Brace


The Teyder Sport One Wrist Brace is a flexible, wrap-style wrist support which includes a removable hot and cold pad to provide hot/cold therapy along with compression and support. Because this brace is lightweight and maintains functional movement of the hand and wrist, it is ideal for use as a protective brace during sport and exercise as well as for the support of minor wrist injuries.

  • Easy, wrap-around design allowing precise adjustment for fit and compression
  • Comfortable thumb loop eliminates any slipping or twisting of the brace
  • Hot and cold pad can positioned anywhere under the brace to directly address areas of pain
  • Hot and cold pad heats or cools easily in the freezer or microwave

The Teyder Sport One Wrist Brace is made from polyamide and is free of neoprene. The brace is a stylish black with orange piping. One size fits most.

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