Teyder EpiGel Elbow Strap

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This brace is currently unavailable, please consider the Actimove EpiSport instead.

The Teyder EpiGel Elbow Strap is an advanced epicondylitis brace for the treatment of tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. The strap features a gel pad on its inside, which focuses compression and pain relief directly on the problem area.

  • Gel pad can be positioned to directly adress the 'hot spot' for pain
  • Anti-slip coating on the pad minimizes any movement or twisting of the strap
  • Gel pad has a specially textured surface to provide a soothing micromassage
  • Fit, position and compression can be precisely adjusted with the strapping system

The Teyder EpiGel Elbow Strap is made from polyamide and is manufactured without neoprene. One size fits most. This elbow strap is part of the Sport One range of advanced sports supports from Teyder.