Mueller 252 Back Support with Braces

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Mueller 252 Back Support with Braces | Physical Sports First Aid


The Mueller Back Support with Braces provides functional support and protection for the lumbar (lower back region) during lifting and other strenuous physical activity.  It is a belt-style support with a front closure to allow a custom fit.  If a looser fit is preferred, the removable braces (over-the-shoulder straps, see picture) will prevent slipping and keep the support in the correct position.  Suitable for all day-to-day activities involving strain on the lower back, and can also function as a more advanced alternative to a weightlifting belt when performing deadlifts, cleans etc... (But we don't recommend you use it as a dipping belt!)

  • Features flexible internal stays for firm support without impeding movement
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh fabric for all-day comfort
  • Adjustable elastic straps for precise fit and variable compression

This support is washable.  One size fits most.

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