Medichill Cool Cubes

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10 Packs of Medichill Cool Cubes.  These flexible, cellular hot and cold packs will fit virtually any body part.  Cool Cubes are supplied in flat, dehydrated sheets. To prepare them for use you soak the sheets in water.  The cells swell up and retain the water as a gel. Simply heat or chill the hydrated sheets, depending on whether you require hot or cold therapy.  The versatile design means that Cool Cubes can be the biggest or the smallest hot and cold pack you've ever seen, and all points in between.

  • Remains flexible even when frozen, to conform around awkward joints
  • Can be cut down to size and shape to fit any body part - e.g. use an entire large sheet to cover a sore back, or a single strip to treat a finger
  • Non-woven, fabric-feel surface on underside for safe and comfortable contact with skin (can be placed on burns or wounds)
  • Does not leak when hydrated: the water is locked inside and the cool cubes are dry to the touch
  • Non-toxic, can be used without fear of allergy or irritation

Cool Cubes are supplied in sheets of three different sizes, please select above.  Sold in packs of ten sheets.  Cool Cubes can be treated as disposable or can be re-used on the same patient.  The same sheet can be heated and chilled multiple times.