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Car and General First Aid Kit

£13.50 (Inc. VAT)
£11.25 (Ex. VAT)
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Car and General First Aid Kit


This Car and General First Aid Kit is designed to fit in the glove compartment, and is also suitable for general use as a personal first aid kit. Because it contains all of the HSE recommended contents for a single-person first aid kit (plus a number of useful extras) this first aid kit is particularly suitable for company cars and work vehicles.

1 x Medium First Aid Dressing
1 x Large First Aid Dressing
10 x Waterproof Assorted Plasters
2 x Low-Adherent Dressing Pad 5 × 5cm
2 x Triangular Bandage
6 x Non Alcohol Wipe
1 x Pair Vinyl Gloves
1 x Handy Pack Tissues
1 x Revive Aid Personal Resuscitator
1 x Scissors
6 x Safety Pins
1 x First Aid Guidance Leaflet

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