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Large EpiPen Pouch

£13.98 (Inc. VAT)
£11.65 (Ex. VAT)
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Large Epipen Pouch | Front Panel Showing Zip | Physical Sports First Aid


This Large EpiPen Pouch is the ideal bag for a personal allergy kit. It will comfortably accommodate 2 EpiPens plus additional medication (e.g. a salbutamol inhaler, antihistamine tablets, small medicine bottles, dosing syringes etc...)

  • Full-length 'clamshell' opening with zip for easy access
  • Made from neoprene with a foil lining for padding, protection and temperature regulation
  • Large enough to accommodate all brands of injector including Jext, Emerade and EpiPen
  • Transparent pouch on front panel for a name tag / id card
  • Includes carabiner attachment
  • Dimensions approx 250 x 90 x 65mm

For an epipen pouch suitable for wearing on a belt or webbing, please see our standard epipen pouch.

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