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Alcohol Hand Rub

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Alcohol Hand Rub | 50ml Spray | Physical Sports First Aid
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2 units
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Royal Mail will not carry this item. Only courier services will be available.


This Alcohol Hand Rub from Guest Medical is a safe and non-toxic alcohol gel for sanitising the hands to reduce the risk of cross-infection.  Available in a personal 50ml press top bottle, 50ml spray bottle, 500ml pump dispenser or a 5 litre refill bottle.

  • Kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts and moulds
  • Requires no water or towels - no need to rinse or dry the hands
  • Active ingredient 70% alcohol

The 50ml spray bottle is available with or without a belt clip, and the belt clip is reusable.  The 500ml pump dispensers come in two forms - a short, wide bottle for placing on desktops, sinks etc... and a tall, thinner bottle which is compatible with a metal wall bracket.  The 5 litre refill bottle is not supplied with any form of dispenser - it is for refilling the smaller bottles (use of a funnel is recommended.)

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