ZOLL Pedi-padz II (Child Electrodes)

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ZOLL® Pedi-padz II® are the paediatric (child) pads / electrodes for the ZOLL AED Plus® defibrillator.  Use these pads when performing CPR and defibrilation on a victim 8 years old or younger.  When used with the ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator these pads ensure that the defibrillator applies the correct shock for children and gives appropriate CPR instructions.  Because the intelligence that controls this is in the defibrillator itself rather than the pads, these pads can subsequently be plugged into a professional defibrillator to give quick continuity of care.  Diagrams on the electrode pads show correct placement.

(Note: if you are working with children under the age of 8, you may wish to purchase a set of these pads. However, when not in use you should always leave the defibrillator with the adult pads plugged in - it is statistically far more likely that any adult present will suffer cardiac arrest than any of the children.)