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Personal First Aid Kit

£4.98 (Inc. VAT)
£4.15 (Ex. VAT)
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Personal First Aid Kit | Open, Showing Contents | Physical Sports First Aid


This personal first aid kit comes in a compact, black belt pouch so that it can be worn on the person for constant readiness. Contains a supply of basic first aid gear for the immediate treatment of minor injuries. Ideal for equipping teachers, supervisors, workers etc... Also good for travel or for anyone who needs a very lightweight kit for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking and so on.

1 x Medium First Aid Dressing
1 x 3.5cm Finger Dressing
1 x Mouth-to-Mouth Shield
10 x Washproof Plaster, Assorted
4 x Non-Alcohol Wipe
1 x Pair Vinyl First Aid Gloves

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