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VOMBAG absorbent vomit and urine bags are safe, effective and spill-proof. These clever little bags allow quick and hygienic disposal of body fluids whether you're traveling, working or at home.

  • SafetyGel technology instantly turns upto a litre of fluid into a safe, solid gel
  • Double seal design for complete security - no leaks or spills
  • Traps all infectious material inside the bag for easy clean-up without cross-contamination
  • Compact, slim package for simple stowage in vehicles, boats, travel bags etc...

Each pack contains 3 VOMBAGS, with full instructions for use printed on each bag.

How to Use

Unlike other types of absorbent vomit bag, which rely on a drawstring closure, VOMBAG features an actual seal. In fact, it has two seals: a grip seal and an adhesive seal. This makes VOMBAG probably the safest and most secure body fluid bag on the market.

  1. Open a VOMBAG and use it. You do not need to touch the SafetyGel sachet.
  2. SafetyGel will activate instantly and transform all fluids into a solid gel.
  3. (optional) Add any paper towels or tissues you've used to the bag.
  4. Close the grip seal.
  5. Use the adhesive strip for final closure.
  6. Dispose of the used VOMBAG appropriately.