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Wound Closures First Aid Pack

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£2.54 (Ex. VAT)
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Wound Closures (Non-Stitch Sutures) | Sterile 8 Pack | Physical Sports First Aid


A pack of 8 Qualicare wound closures suitable for inclusion in a sports first aid kit.  Wound closures (also known as skin closures or non-stitch sutures) are used to close deeper cuts than could be adequately treated with a sticking plaster.  Wound closures are narrow strips of non-woven material backed with adhesive, which are placed across a wound to hold it closed and protect it from foreign bodies.  They are very useful in a sports first aid kit, for instance to close the kind of cuts that can open on the face during boxing and sparring.

  • Mini pack of 8 - perfectly sized to slip into a sports first aid kit
  • Low allergy to reduce skin irritation
  • Strong material and adhesive to hold wounds closed and prevent re-opening
  • Improved healing times and reduced scarring

This pack contains 8 Qualicare wound closures, supplied in two sterile pouches: one pouch of five 3mm x 75mm closures and one pouche of three 6mm x 75mm closures.  For a more economical full box of wound closures please see our Steroplast Wound Closures (Box of 30 or 50).

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