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Premium fabric plasters in the complete range of sizes (including extension, knuckle and fingertip plasters) with assortment boxes also available. These very high quality plasters are used in NHS, and are suitable for universal use in sport, industry or at home. Sorry, but these fabric plasters do contain latex.

  • An extremely strong, stretchy and sticky plaster for superior protection and durability
  • Each plaster is sterile and individually-wrapped

These plasters come in seven different sizes/types, and in boxes including 100 assorted of 5 types or 100 assorted of all 7 types.

5 type plaster assortment contains: 40 x (7.5cm x 2.5cm), 8 x (7.5cm x 5cm), 32 x (6cm x 2cm), 16 x (4cm x 2cm),  4 x Fingertip Plasters

7 type plaster assortment contains: 44 x (7.5cm x 2.5cm), 12 x (7.5cm x 5cm), 18 x (4cm x 4cm), 8 x (4cm x 2cm), 6 x knuckle plasters, 8 x fingertip plasters, 4 x extension plasters (17cm x 2cm)