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Relistat Nasal Wool

£5.16 (Inc. VAT)
£4.30 (Ex. VAT)
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Relistat Nasal Wool | Physical Sports First Aid


Relistat Nasal Wool: a sterile, haemostatic nasal wool suitable for the control and treatment of minor nosebleeds. Use to promote faster healing of nosebleeds with less blood spill.

  • Plug first centimetre of affected nostril(s) with a portion of the wool
  • The highly absorbent material speeds clotting to stop the bleed
  • The wool is soft and comfortable and will not damage the nostril
  • Wool easily pulls out of the nostril once bleeding is under control

Relistat nasal wool is supplied in a package of 2g. The wool is contained in a sterile plastic pot with a peel-off lid.

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