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Skin on Skin Patches

£39.96 (Inc. VAT)
£33.30 (Ex. VAT)
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Skin on Skin | Physical Sports First Aid


Skin on Skin: a tub of 200 2.5cm (1") square hydrogel patches. Apply to hotspots on the skin to protect from rubbing and soreness.

  • Helps prevent blisters
  • Soft and supple - feels like skin
  • Very flexible

Skin on Skin is made from hydrogel (which is a bit sticky) so they will cling lightly to the skin, but they're not self-adhesive. Wear with tape or bandage. Skin on Skin patches are non-sterile, so avoid using them on open wounds, burns, broken blisters or broken skin.

This product replaces the discontinued Spenco 2nd Skin and Mueller More Skin products.

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