Mouth-to-Mouth Shield in Keyring Pouch

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Mouth-to-Mouth Shield, Keyring Pouch | Physical Sports First Aid


A Rebreath personal resuscitation device stored in a handy key ring pouch.  For use in performing mouth-to-mouth (aka the kiss of life / artificial respiration).  The Rebreath device has a plastic film shield to place on the casualty's face, with a one-way valve that goes over their mouth. The first aider can then breath through the valve to inflate the casualty's lungs.

  • Key ring pouch allows first aiders to carry around the resus device without damaging it
  • Plastic film and valve protects first-aider from contamination
  • One-way valve allows more controlled resuscitation
  • Plastic film is printed with an illustration to guide the user

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