Mueller MWrap Foam Underwrap

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Mueller MWrap is a pre-taping foam underwrap designed to provide a base layer for sports tape.  Basically, this is a tape made of a thin foam.  Simply wrap it over the skin before applying adhesive tapes such as zinc oxide tape or EAB.  Tape jobs done with an underwrap tend to last longer, so using MWrap may help you conserve tape and save money. Squares of MWrap can also be used as a cost effective alternative to heel and lace pads for ankle taping - simply stick to the skin with a small dab of petroleum jelly or other sports lube.

  • Provides a good surface for adhesive tapes - tape jobs are more secure and more comfortable
  • Protects the skin from adhesives - can reduce the occurence of maceration and contact rashes

Mueller MWrap is supplied in rolls of 7cm x 27m. This foam underwrap is also available in a selection of colours (click here.)