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Purell NXT Refills

£8.58 (Inc. VAT)
£7.15 (Ex. VAT)
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Purell Alcohol Gel Refill for NXT | Physical Sports First Aid


These 1 litre alcohol gel refills fit the Purell NXT gel/soap dispenser. Available as standard alcohol gel or VF481 anti-viral hand sanitiser.

  • Standard alcohol gel kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds and yeasts. 
  • VF481 anti-viral gel is also alcohol-based with added protection against human norovirus.

Both of these alcohol gels require no rinsing or towels.  Simply rub the gel into the hands, and it quickly dries leaving the skin sanitised, protecting you from infections.  Each refill will provide 300+ doses in normal use.

A 1 litre refill of antibacterial soap for normal hand-washing is also available.

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