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Distel Surface Disinfectant

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Distel Surface Disinfectant | 5L Concentrate, Eucalyptus | Physical Sports First Aid


Distel High-Level Medical Surface Disinfectant in bottles of 1 litre or 5 litre concentrate. Available in eucalyptus (blue) or non-fragranced (clear).  This Distel Surface Disinfectant is designed for the decontamination of hard surfaces and destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and mycobacteria. It is effective against blood-borne diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis B and can be used to sanitise surfaces contaminated with body fluids.

  • Suitable for use on non-invasive, non-lumened medical instruments
  • Safe for use on surfaces including metal, plastic, rubber and stainless steel
  • Undiluted concentrate has a shelf-life of 3 years

Suitable dilutions are:

Bio-Hazard (e.g. blood): 1:10
General Disinfection: 1:100
Wash Down (no soiling): 1:200

The 1 Litre package has a self-dosing cap. Sorry, the non-fragranced version is available in the 5 litre bottle only.

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