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Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes

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£7.95 (Ex. VAT)
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Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes


Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes offer Clinell's patented, skin-safe, biocidal formula in a convenient, individually-wrapped form. Ideal for carrying with you in your pocket, bag, first aid kit or vehicle. Use to clean and disinfectant dirty hands and skin, for instance before or after giving first aid, handling food or using public conveniences. Germs and bacteria are killed within seconds.

  • Proven to kill at least 99.999% of germs
  • Dermatologically tested and contain aloe vera and moisturisers for healthy skin
  • Safe to eat food with your hands after using these wipes

Clinell Antibacterial Wipes contain no alcohol and are supplied in a box of 100 wipes in indivdual sachets.

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